Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Network Software inventory/advisor

Topic seems to be interesting. In our company there a situation such that we need to find the keys of all system. We have 250+ systems. Practical it seems to be more complicated to take in person (manually) & to consolidate everything.
In order to solve this practical issue. We planned some rules. 1) no traces of key finder must be present in client side(No installation) 2) must take in the user login itself (i.e) in limited user or restricted user login.

First idea strike is we can take everything using remote login. Pros are we can get every system connected in network. Cons: User must allow the system to take it remote login & consolidation is also an issue.

Secondly, we planned and take IP list with host names, then search for software to take everything in remote.

Target is get keys of installed program in all system.

We shuffled a lot in all search engines. We got many software’s and wondered that as much tools are available to conslodate and track the assert via remote. Some of them are

a) Total Network inventory b) Product Key Explorer
Network inventory software d) Network Inventory Advisor

But a sad news is that these are all paid software not a freeware. Its around 25$bugs.

As on a search of 2 to 3 days of research we found a tool named as ProduKey developed by nirsoft.

link : http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/product_cd_key_viewer.html

to download: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/produkey.zip

A portable apps1 and runs even in restricted user 2

Which also can be used in network to find network system keys.

Step1: log in as a common user login in a network. For example. Administrator login in your system.

Step 2: unzip the progam and run produkey.exe

Step 3: enter the ip address

Step 4: result will be display with their host names. Select all result and export to the needed format(.txt, .csv)

Note : as per our analysis this program works using sharing fashion not in the concept of

remote login concept. System should be in a sharable between you. i.e without any error while opening in run prompt as shown below

To solve the issue please read the following link : http://shop.xtreamer.net/Support/questions/935/Win+XP+Sharing

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